THE BURNED OVER DISTRICT: And Jeb worked so hard

Gutjahr looks at how theBook of Mormonemerged from the burned-over district of upstate New York, where revivalist preachers, missionaries, and spiritual entrepreneurs of every stripe vied for the loyalty of settlers desperate to scratch a living from the land. He examines how a book that has long been the subject of ridicule–Mark Twain called.

MAP 13.2 Reform Movements in the Burned-Over District The so-called Burned-Over District, the region of New York State most changed by the opening of the Erie Canal, was a seedbed of religious and reform movements. The Mormon Church originated there, and Utopian groups and sects like the Millerites and the Fourierists thrived.

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Four Accounts and Three Critiques of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.. Joseph Smith worked hard to document his experience in the grove, and scholars have worked hard to raise awareness of his several accounts.. 30 Quoted in Backman, "Awakenings in the Burned-Over District," 308.

The Burned-Over District; Sacred Sites of Western New York. After doing a little bit of research about some of the religious history of Rochester, NY, we began to come across the term "the burned-over district" again and again. Come to find out, the burned-over district refers to the land of upstate New York, generally between Buffalo and Syracuse,

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